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Professional insurance 

Whether you run a large company or SMB, a car garage, a doctor’s office, a family hotel or a farm, we offer you individual solutions according to your needs.

easy-PROTECT PRO is the perfect solution for your professional activity. You can bring together all your main insurance policies in a single contract.

We support you with personalised advice for your various insurance matters. You, your company and your property are protected against damage, risks and their consequences

Your benefits

  • Consolidate your contracts
  • Protect your professional equipment
  • Protect your professional interests
  • Specialised and individual advice
  • Financial protection for your activity
  • Monthly premium payments without fees
  • Discounts for start-ups
  • Personalised insured amounts

Construction insurance

Planning construction? Choose optimal security of your real estate project during the construction period and beyond.

All-risk construction site insurance

This option offers all concerned parties (contracting authority, builder, architect, engineer, developer, …) effective financial protection. It covers all those present on the construction site including the contractor and subcontractors, the various trades and the contracting authority during the construction period.

Decennial civil liability insurance:

Architects, builders, engineers and design offices as well as developers are subject to biennial and decennial guarantees according to the civil code. But who intervenes if problems arise and the responsible party cannot meet its commitments, or worse still, is in a state of bankruptcy?

Our objective is to insure, support and protect you during the construction period and to effectively defend you.

Retain and motivate your staff members

Are you looking for a high-performance supplementary pension scheme (SPS) for your employees?

lalux-Staff Protect is the ideal professional pension plan option Our “SPS Insurance” experts will guide you and offer solutions that are specially adapted to your business.

Benefits for the employee:

  • Additional protection in the event of death or disability
  • A significant retirement supplement
  • Attractive alternative to a salary increase
  • No social security contributions on premiums
  • Attractive tax environment
  • Possibility of tax-deductible personal contributions

Advantages for the company:

  • Safeguarding staff
  • Additional remuneration management
  • Retention and motivation tool
  • Attractive tax regime
  • Attractive benefits to new recruits
  • No social security contributions on premiums
  • Tax-deductible